Press Tending

Press Tending with Motoman Robots - Durability That Delivers

For sheet metal press tending or stamping applications with high duty cycles, our press handling robots are ideal. Designed with heavy-duty drive systems that deliver in the most demanding applications, these robots also have higher vibration ratings to tolerate the tough conditions often encountered in press rooms. 

Yaskawa MOTOMAN Integration Partners have developed solutions for part infeed, transfer and pack-out/racking of sheet metal press lines and stand-alone press systems. They offer custom end-of arm tooling, as well as interfaces to various presses and equipment, and support press line control system features diagnostic capabilities for the line and each individual press. We are supporting our Integrators by providing excellent press tending manipulators and controls, as well as technology like encoder/conveyor and communication interfaces, Functional Safety Features to manage safe operating zones and workspaces, simulation and engineering tools, helping to optimize equipment layout and maximize throughput.


MOTOMAN Core Robot Technologies for Press Tending

MOTOMAN Press Automation Robots offer the right combination of long reach, strong wrist and high speed required for press-to-press automation. GP Series Robots are well suited, specifically the longer reach models GP180-120 or the Rack-mounted versions GP165R, GP200R, GP400R.

For high cycle times, a safe and perfect synchronisation with the press is a must. Yaskawa Controllers provide a high-speed analogue input board (Conveyor Board) with Standard Encoders to monitor the press movement and synchronize the robot's movement perfectly with the press.

Press Tending Grippers Assemblies do often have inbuilt motion capability, which can be perfectly driven by our broad range of strong high speed servo drives, controlled by the robot as 7th axis.

Our Offline Programming Tool MotoSimEG-VRC is a perfect engineering tool for press tending applications, as it allows to find an optimum position of the robot related to the press in terms of reach and cycle time.

Functional Safety Unit (FSU)

The Cat 3 PLd Safety certified Functional Safety FSU Unit is perfect to design dynamic safety areas, protection robot, tool, press and operators from damage, and provides perfect integration into the safety PLC circuit.

In-Feeding the Press line with Motoman Robots

Robots take workpieces away from in-feed conveyors, part-provision pallets or racks, and transport them into the press. Repetitive fast cycle times is one important target. Another target is safety - Press tools are extraordinary expensive, and nobody wants to experience a robot gripper or even a robot wrist accidently sticking in the closed press tool damaging the press tool and causing downtimes for days. For this reason, the motion of the robot can be synchronized with the robot's motion (by using the conveyor and encoder sync functions), and - more than this - our superior FSU Safety Controller (YRC1000 controller) can manage functional safety zones.

Press-to-Press Automation (Interpress, Press Transfer, Presstandem) with Motoman Robots

Robots are used to automate multi-stage press lines. Compared to non-robotic interpress feeders, they are a bit slower, but very well suited to automate smaller press line installations or existing (brownfield) press lines which require retrofit automation. Motoman robots provide strong moment/inertia wrist load capabilities and high wrist speeds to turn the parts during the feeding motion for 90 or 180 degrees. Long reach rack mounted Motoman robot versions (GP165R, GP200R) can be mounted on pillars to the side keeping the valuable space between the presses clean for press tool changes.

Handling, Out-Feed Racking/Pack Out with Motoman Robots

Automate your end-of-line press operation!  Yaskawa Motoman robots can easily and quickly load finished parts into engineered, part-specific racks, bins or pallets. Our solutions feature high-speed conveyors or shuttles for rack entry and removal, robust locators with bin sensors and optional vision for part location and inspection.

Machine Tending for Forging Presses with GP Series Robots

Heavy duty jobs require reliable industrial quality - Motoman Robots can deliver!